Archived Class Series

Archived Class Series

2022 - Spring Quarter

“Great Old Testament Texts

MP3Psalm 103
 Exodus 34:6-7 part 1
 Psalms 51
 Exodus 34:6-7 part 2
 Ezeliel 18
 Psalm 32
 Nehemiah 9 part 1
 Nehemiah 9 part 2
 Micah 6:6-8
Psalms 1:1-6
 Joel 2
 Gen 1:26 - 2:3
 Gen 2:5 - 25
Gen 3


2019 - Fall Quarter

 Class Teacher
 The Gospel 1 - Intro Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 2 Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 3 Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 4 Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 5 Kenny Marrs
 The Gospel 6 Kenny Marrs
 The Gospel 7 NA
 The Gospel 8 Tyler Brown
 The Gospel 9 Tyler Brown
 The Gospel 10 Tyler Brown
 The Gospel 11 Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 12 Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 13 Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 14 Tyler Brown
 The Gospel 15 Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 16 Kenny Marrs
 The Gospel 17 Kenny Marrs
 The Gospel 18 Jeff Herrin
 The Gospel 19 Jeff Herrin
 The Gospel 20 Tyler Brown
 The Gospel 21 Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 22 Scott Gardner
 The Gospel 23 Scott Gardner


 Teacher Training / June - July 2019
 (Classes listed below are MP3 files - Click on file to listen)
 Classroom Management
 Classroom Set Up
 Preparing to Teach
 Sample Classes 1
 Sample Classes 2
 Chronology Cards
 Reinforcement Activities
 Maps, Memory Work, Technology, Songs
 Wrap Up 1
 Wrap Up 2
 Additional Resources
 Class material below is viewable, and can be downloaded
 Memory Work - Power Point
 Memory Work - PDF
 Technology - Power Point

How Jesus Teaches Us - The Gospel of Mark

David PoseyAuditorium6/2/2019
David Posey"6/5/2019
Zach McGinnis"6/9/2019
David Posey"6/12/2019
David Byrd"6/16/2019
David Byrd"6/19/2019
David Byrd"6/23/2019
David Posey"6/26/2019
Zach McGinnis"6/30/2019
Zach McGinnis"7/3/2019
David Posey"7/7/2019
Zach McGinnis"7/14/2019
Zach McGinnis"7/17/2019
David Byrd"7/21/2019
David Byrd"7/24/2019
David Byrd"7/28/2019
NAZach McGinnis"7/31/2019
Zach McGinnis"8/4/2019
David Posey"8/7/2019
David Byrd"8/11/2019
David Posey"8/14/2019
David Byrd"8/18/2019
Zach McGinnis"8/21/2019
David Posey"8/25/2019



MP3Teacher     Date:
NARandy Clark03-03-2019
Randy Clark03-06-2019
Randy Clark03-10-2019
David Posey03-13-2019
David Posey03-17-2019
David Posey03-20-2019
Randy Clark03-24-2019
David Posey03-27-2019
Randy Clark03-31-2019
David Posey04-03-2019
Randy Clark04-07-2019
David Posey04-10-2019
Randy Clark04-14-2019
NADavid Posey04-17-2019
Randy Clark04-21-2019
David Posey04-24-2019
David Posey04-28-2019
David Posey05-01-2019
David Posey05-05-2019
David Posey05-08-2019
David Posey05-12-2019
David Posey05-15-2019
David Posey05-19-2019
David Posey05-22-2019
David Posey05-26-2019



    MP3                                    Teacher:                                      Date:


Scott Gardner03-03-2019
Scott Gardner03-06-2019
Tyler Wade03-10-2019
Tyler Wade03-13-2019
Ben Woodside03-17-2019
Ben Woodside03-20-2019
Russ Canup03-24-2019
Russ Canup03-27-2019
Thomas Setliff03-31-2019
Thomas Setliff04-03-2019
Tyler Brown04-07-2019
Tyler Brown04-10-2019
Kenny Marrs04-14-2019
Kenny Marrs04-17-2019
Kenny Marrs04-21-2019
Kenny Marrs04-24-2019
Zach McGinnis04-28-2019
Zach McGinnis05-01-2019
Tyler Wade05-05-2019
NATyler Wade05-08-2019
Dennis Reagan05-12-2019
Dennis Reagan05-15-2019
Jeff Herrin05-19-2019
Jeff Herrin05-22-2019
Kenny Marrs05-26-2019



MP3                                         Teacher:                                                                                Date:


Ben Woodside02-03-2019
NADavid Posey02-06-2019
David Posey02-10-2019
David Posey02-13-2019
David Posey02-17-2019
David Posey02-20-2019
Ben Woodside02-24-2019


                     Class material for Deuteronomy available on this link

Tyler Brown12-02-2018
Tyler Brown12-05-2018
Scott Gardner12-09-2018
Scott Gardner12-12-2018
Scott Gardner12-16-2018
Scott Gardner12-19-2018
Scott Gardner12-23-2018
Scott Gardner12-26-2018
Tyler Brown12-30-2018
Tyler Brown01-02-2019
Tyler Brown01-06-2019
Tyler Brown01-09-2019
Tyler Brown01-13-2019
Tyler Brown01-16-2019
Tyler Brown01-20-2019
Scott Gardner01-23-2019
Tyler Brown01-27-2019
Tyler Brown01-30-2019
Scott Gardner02-03-2019
Tyler Brown02-06-2019
Tyler Brown02-10-2019
Scott Gardner02-13-2019
Tyler Brown02-17-2019
Scott Gardner02-20-2019
Tyler Brown02-24-2019


Click on this link for class booklet:    Hebrews

    MP3                      Teacher:                                        Date:

David Byrd09-02-2018
David Byrd09-05-2018
David Byrd09-09-2018
David Posey09-12-2018
David Posey09-16-2018
David Byrd09-19-2018
David Byrd09-23-2018
David Posey09-26-2018
NADavid Posey09-30-2018
NADavid Posey10-03-2018
 David Posey10-07-2018
  David Posey10-10-2018
 NADavid Byrd10-14-2018
David Byrd10-17-2018
Thomas Setliff10-24-2018
David Byrd10-28-2018
David Byrd10-31-2018
NADavid Byrd11-04-2018
David Posey11-07-2018
David Byrd11-11-2018
David Posey11-14-2018
David Byrd11-18-2018
David Posey11-21-2018
David Byrd11-25-2018



MP3Power Point (PDF format)TeacherDate
Joshua IntroductionScott Gardner09-02-18
Joshua 2Scott Gardner09-05-18
Joshua 3Scott Gardner09-09-18
NAJoshua 4Scott Gardner09-12-18
Joshua 5Scott Gardner09-16-18
Joshua 6Scott Gardner09-19-18
Joshua 7Scott Gardner09-23-18
Joshua 8Scott Gardner09-26-18
Joshua 9(Cont)Scott Gardner09-30-18
Joshua 10Tyler Brown10-03-18
Joshua 11Tyler Brown10-07-18
Joshua 12Tyler Brown10-10-18
                                      NA                                                 Scott Gardner       10-14-18
                               NA                                      Scott Gardner10-21-18
                              NA                                      Scott Gardner10-24-18
                            NA                                     Scott Gardner10-28-18

       ♦                                                        NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       10-31-18
                                                               NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-04-18
                                                               NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-07-18
                                                               NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-11-18
                                                               NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-14-18
                                                               NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-18-18
                                                              NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-21-18
                                                              NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-25-18



  Summer 2018
     MP3 Recordings

MP3 Power PointApologeticsTeacherDate:
 IntroductionDennis Wade3-Jun
Is the Bible God's Word?
 Can You Trust Your Bible? (1)Rich Mowrer6-Jun
 Can You Trust Your Bible? (2)Jeff Herrin10-Jun
 How to Talk to Others About the Reliability of the BibleLuke Garcia13-Jun
Critical Thinking
 Critical Thinking (1)Tyler Wade17-Jun
 Critical Thinking (2)Dennis Wade20-Jun
Questions About God & Creation 
 The Existence of the Creator God in the BibleScot Ruska24-Jun
 Are Science and God Compatible?Scot Ruska27-Jun
 Our Amazing God - The EyeBrady Rembleski1-Jul
 Our Amazing God - The BodyT Raposa/L Baker4-Jul
 The Mind, Consciousness and the Image of GodDavid Carrozza8-Jul
 Talking to Young People About God (1)Jeff Clark15-Jul
 Talking to Young People About God (2)Barrett Cain18-Jul
Questions About Jesus
 Talking to Non-Believers About JesusThomas Setliff22-Jul
 Is Jesus the Only Way to God?Zac Brown25-Jul
 Did He Really Rise from the Dead?Ben Woodside29-Jul
Cultural Issues 
 1 Cultural Issues: Power of Culture in Old TestKenny Marrs1-Aug
 2 Cultural Issues: Power of Culture in New TestKenny Marrs5-Aug
 3 Cultural Issues: MarriageKenny Marrs8-Aug
 4 Cultural Issues: HomosexualityKenny Marrs12-Aug
 5 Cultural Issues: Transgender/sexual identitiesKenny Marrs15-Aug
 6 Cultural Issues: AbortionKenny Marrs19-Aug
 7 Cultural Issues: Social MediaKenny Marrs22-Aug
 NA8 Cultural Issues: What is really happeningKenny Marrs26-Aug


THE STUDY OF REVELATION (Spring Semester - 2018)

The schedule for the class is available in the link below.

Class Schedule

The workbook (link below) David Posey put together a few years ago for a study of Revelation can be used as "Reference Material" if needed.

Reference Workbook

Date:Power Point file: (PDF)MP3
03-07-18Why Study RevelationClass-2
03-11-18InterpretationClass 3
03-14-18The PrologueClass 4
03-18-18The Seven ChurchesClass 5
03-21-18The Seven Churches-Part 2Class 6
03-25-18The Throne RoomClass 7
03-28-18AllusionsClass 8
04-01-18Seven Seals-Seven TrumpetsClass 9
04-04-18ContinuedClass 10
04-08-18Revelation ReviewClass 11
04-11-18The Woman, the Dragon and the seedClass 12
04-15-18Apocalyptic LiteratureClass 13
04-18-18The Two BeastsClass 14
04-22-18Judgment and RewardClass 15
04-25-18Seven Plagues in Seven BowlsNA
04-29-18The Woman and the BeastClass 17
05-02-18Jesus in RevelationClass 18 
05-06-18The Fall of BabylonClass 19
05-09-18Rejoicing in HeavenClass 20
05-13-18The Defeat of SatanClass 21
05-16-18A New Heaven and EarthClass 22
05-20-18Revelation & SongsClass 23
05-23-18Is the church ready?  (Part 1)Class 24
05-27-18Is the church ready?  (Part 2)Class 25


The link below is class material for the class, "The Compassion of Christ."  (Spring - 2018)
Please note: The material attached to this link will be updated from time to time since this is a current class in progress.

The Compassion of Christ



Ben Woodside12-02-2018
David Posey12-05-2018
Ben Woodside12-09-2018
Ben Woodside12-12-2018
Ben Woodside12-16-2018
David Posey12-19-2018
Ben Woodside12-23-2018
David Posey12-26-2018
David Posey12-30-2018
David Posey01-02-2019
Ben Woodside01-06-2019
Ben Woodside01-09-2019
Ben Woodside01-13-2019
Ben Woodside01-16-2019
Ben Woodside01-20-2019
NABen Woodside01-23-2019
Ben Woodside01-27-2019
David Posey01-30-2019