Archived Class Series

Archived Class Series


Click on this link for class booklet:    Hebrews

    MP3                      Teacher:                                        Date:

David Byrd09-02-2018
David Byrd09-05-2018
David Byrd09-09-2018
David Posey09-12-2018
David Posey09-16-2018
David Byrd09-19-2018
David Byrd09-23-2018
David Posey09-26-2018
NADavid Posey09-30-2018
NADavid Posey10-03-2018
 David Posey10-07-2018
  David Posey10-10-2018
 NADavid Byrd10-14-2018
David Byrd10-17-2018
Thomas Setliff10-24-2018
David Byrd10-28-2018
David Byrd10-31-2018
NADavid Byrd11-04-2018
David Posey11-07-2018
David Byrd11-11-2018
David Posey11-14-2018
David Byrd11-18-2018
David Posey11-21-2018
David Byrd11-25-2018



MP3Power Point (PDF format)TeacherDate
Joshua IntroductionScott Gardner09-02-18
Joshua 2Scott Gardner09-05-18
Joshua 3Scott Gardner09-09-18
NAJoshua 4Scott Gardner09-12-18
Joshua 5Scott Gardner09-16-18
Joshua 6Scott Gardner09-19-18
Joshua 7Scott Gardner09-23-18
Joshua 8Scott Gardner09-26-18
Joshua 9(Cont)Scott Gardner09-30-18
Joshua 10Tyler Brown10-03-18
Joshua 11Tyler Brown10-07-18
Joshua 12Tyler Brown10-10-18
                                     NA                                                 Scott Gardner       10-14-18
                              NA                                      Scott Gardner10-21-18
                             NA                                      Scott Gardner10-24-18
                           NA                                     Scott Gardner10-28-18

      ♦                                                NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       10-31-18
                                                      NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-04-18
                                                      NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-07-18
                                                      NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-11-18
                                                      NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-14-18
                                                      NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-18-18
                                                      NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-21-18
                                                      NA                                                          Scott Gardner                       11-25-18



  Summer 2018
     MP3 Recordings

MP3 Power PointApologeticsTeacherDate:
 IntroductionDennis Wade3-Jun
Is the Bible God's Word?
 Can You Trust Your Bible? (1)Rich Mowrer6-Jun
 Can You Trust Your Bible? (2)Jeff Herrin10-Jun
 How to Talk to Others About the Reliability of the BibleLuke Garcia13-Jun
Critical Thinking
 Critical Thinking (1)Tyler Wade17-Jun
 Critical Thinking (2)Dennis Wade20-Jun
Questions About God & Creation 
 The Existence of the Creator God in the BibleScot Ruska24-Jun
 Are Science and God Compatible?Scot Ruska27-Jun
 Our Amazing God - The EyeBrady Rembleski1-Jul
 Our Amazing God - The BodyT Raposa/L Baker4-Jul
 The Mind, Consciousness and the Image of GodDavid Carrozza8-Jul
 Talking to Young People About God (1)Jeff Clark15-Jul
 Talking to Young People About God (2)Barrett Cain18-Jul
Questions About Jesus
 Talking to Non-Believers About JesusThomas Setliff22-Jul
 Is Jesus the Only Way to God?Zac Brown25-Jul
 Did He Really Rise from the Dead?Ben Woodside29-Jul
Cultural Issues 
 1 Cultural Issues: Power of Culture in Old TestKenny Marrs1-Aug
 2 Cultural Issues: Power of Culture in New TestKenny Marrs5-Aug
 3 Cultural Issues: MarriageKenny Marrs8-Aug
 4 Cultural Issues: HomosexualityKenny Marrs12-Aug
 5 Cultural Issues: Transgender/sexual identitiesKenny Marrs15-Aug
 6 Cultural Issues: AbortionKenny Marrs19-Aug
 7 Cultural Issues: Social MediaKenny Marrs22-Aug
 NA8 Cultural Issues: What is really happeningKenny Marrs26-Aug


THE STUDY OF REVELATION (Spring Semester - 2018)

The schedule for the class is available in the link below.

Class Schedule

The workbook (link below) David Posey put together a few years ago for a study of Revelation can be used as "Reference Material" if needed.

Reference Workbook

Power Point file: (PDF)MP3
O3-07-18Why Study RevelationClass-2
03-11-18InterpretationClass 3
03-14-18The PrologueClass 4
03-18-18The Seven ChurchesClass 5
03-21-18The Seven Churches-Part 2Class 6
03-25-18The Throne RoomClass 7
03-28-18AllusionsClass 8
04-01-18Seven Seals-Seven TrumpetsClass 9
04-04-18ContinuedClass 10
04-08-18Revelation ReviewClass 11
04-11-18The Woman, the Dragon and the seedClass 12
04-15-18Apocalyptic LiteratureClass 13
04-18-18The Two BeastsClass 14
04-22-18Judgment and RewardClass 15
04-25-18Seven Plagues in Seven BowlsNA
04-29-18The Woman and the BeastClass 17
05-02-18Jesus in RevelationClass 18 
05-06-18The Fall of BabylonClass 19
05-09-18Rejoicing in HeavenClass 20
05-13-18The Defeat of SatanClass 21
05-16-18A New Heaven and EarthClass 22
05-20-18Revelation & SongsClass 23
05-23-18Is the church ready?  (Part 1)Class 24
05-27-18Is the church ready?  (Part 2)Class 25


The link below is class material for the class, "The Compassion of Christ."  (Spring - 2018)
Please note: The material attached to this link will be updated from time to time since this is a current class in progress.

The Compassion of Christ